Article in Revista Atlas

A text I wrote about the various ways in which Google products, most importantly Image Search, have shaped the way we think about and consume images today has been published by Atlas Revista de Fotografía e Imagen (Chile). I wrote about a project I love titled I’m Google (by artist Dina Kelberman), and also approached Google Earth as well as the role and context of the aerial image –and machine vision– in the present day. The article (in Spanish) can be accessed through this link.   Advertisements Continue reading Article in Revista Atlas

Article in Caracteres Vol. 6, No.1

  I’m very happy that the full-length, original English version of a text I wrote about illegibility has been included in the new issue of Caracteres, a digital humanities peer-reviewed journal. Caracteres is edited in Salamanca, Spain, and publishes articles in various languages. Aside from texts about gaming, data visualization, and digital archives, this issue includes a research dossier by a group of Czech linguists. The PDF version of Caracteres Vol. 6, No. 1 can be downloaded here, and the browser-based version of my text is here.   Continue reading Article in Caracteres Vol. 6, No.1

Article in Shift Journal 9: Networks

A bit after the date, but an article I wrote about poor image circulation in Venezuela was published in the 9th issue of Shift, a journal on material culture currently hosted by the Graduate Center at CUNY and the Institute of Fine Arts at NYU. This is an exciting event as it’s my first article in a peer-reviewed journal, and it also represents the most recent iteration of my research on this issue. In this particular text, I attempted to propose certain additions to Hito Steyerl’s poor image theory that I came up with as I applied it outside of the Euro-American … Continue reading Article in Shift Journal 9: Networks

Article in Revista Comunicación No. 175

An article I wrote last year about poor image circulation in Venezuela titled Reacción y subversión: la imagen pobre en Venezuela (Reaction and Subversion: The poor image in Venezuela) is included in the 175th number of Comunicación journal, edited by Centro Gumilla Foundation in Caracas. The entire number is devoted to issues related to audiovisual technologies, and it can be read in its entirety here (my article is 69-75); it will probably come out in print next year. This is very exciting for me as it’s my first article in an academic journal, and Comunicación is probably the #1 media-related publication in Venezuela. I feel very honored … Continue reading Article in Revista Comunicación No. 175

Talk: The Conditions of the Poor Image in Venezuela @ Librería Lugar Común, Caracas

On 09/23 I gave a talk at Librería Lugar Común in Caracas, in which I presented some of my most recent research on poor image circulation in Venezuela. Aside from pretty good insights about other aspects to consider in future versions of my paper (like the really terrible Internet access conditions in the country), most comments left very clear that there is a general interest in discussing and arriving at some sort of solution for the current conditions of access to national film production. Ultimately, we are more and more moving towards getting these images ‘out there’ illegally. This will continue to … Continue reading Talk: The Conditions of the Poor Image in Venezuela @ Librería Lugar Común, Caracas

Workshop at Abra Caracas (08/13-14 & 08/20-21)

Over the past two weekends I facilitated a 4-session workshop on new media narratives at Abra Caracas, a space for contemporary art in Centro de Arte Los Galpones. After a course with Christiane Paul at The New School this Spring, I put together a brief syllabus meant as an introduction to different experimental narrative practices. It was a group of seven participants with backgrounds in literature, mass communications, engineering, architecture, museography, and filmmaking. The discussions that came up as we discussed the practices were really insightful for me, in terms of understanding what people without a background in new media might find most engaging or useful for their … Continue reading Workshop at Abra Caracas (08/13-14 & 08/20-21)