Talk: The Conditions of the Poor Image in Venezuela @ Librería Lugar Común, Caracas

On 09/23 I gave a talk at Librería Lugar Común in Caracas, in which I presented some of my most recent research on poor image circulation in Venezuela. Aside from pretty good insights about other aspects to consider in future versions of my paper (like the really terrible Internet access conditions in the country), most comments left very clear that there is a general interest in discussing and arriving at some sort of solution for the current conditions of access to national film production. Ultimately, we are more and more moving towards getting these images ‘out there’ illegally. This will continue to happen –often in detriment of the makers– in problematic ways, above all through disc-based sales, until more makers take a (creative) stand about the present structures of distribution, or until we rethink film distribution altogether. The time is always right for coming up with new ‘models’ or platforms to do this. I will personally continue to look into what’s going on in YouTube with Venezuelan films.


Slides (in Spanish):


Images from @LibreriaLC and @BackroomCaracas

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